I’m Adrienne Kitchin and I work as a freelance writer, editor and writing coach. I have been teaching for over ten years, first at the University of Toronto and now at Humber College, also in Toronto, Canada.

I teach academic and creative writing, humanities and anthropology courses. I work with and construct teaching materials for both ESL and non-ESL classrooms.

I love to learn and love to share what I know, which is what makes teaching, freelance writing/editing and coaching the perfect career combination for me.

Along my own educational path, writing has always been a theme. I have an Honours BA with a double major in English Literature and Anthropology.

I earned my MA in Medical Anthropology, also from the University of Toronto. For this degree, I went to Namibia to work with traditional birth attendants and knowledge exchange practices regarding the prevention of maternal to child transmission of HIV/AIDS.

After finishing my MA, I gained post-graduate certification in TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) from Humber College. I am also a graduate of Humber College’s post-graduate Creative Writing program, where I won a Writer’s Trust Award and Humber College’s Letter of Distinction.

In addition to my formal education, I have also studied and am certified to teach yoga and meditation and use the kind of body and mind awareness gained through such practices to inform the writing and teaching services I provide by calmly and intuitively seeing a project through from inception to completion and ensuring the outcome is exactly what my client wants.